CMM Measurement Service

CMM Measurement Service


CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is a precision measuring device used to measure the dimensions and geometry of an object with high accuracy. It works by probing the surface of the object being measured with a stylus, and the coordinates of the points probed are captured by the machine's software.

CMMs are used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics, to ensure that parts and components are manufactured to the required specifications and tolerances.




CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) measurement offers several benefits in precision measurement applications, including:

  • High Accuracy: CMM can measure the dimensions of complex objects with high accuracy, ensuring that the measurements are reliable and repeatable.
  • Increased Efficiency: CMMs can quickly measure multiple dimensions of a part, reducing inspection time and improving throughput in manufacturing processes.
  • Improved Quality: With high accuracy measurements, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products by ensuring that parts meet specific tolerances and specifications.
  • Dimensional Analysis: CMMs can perform dimensional analysis of parts, including comparisons to CAD models, allowing engineers to identify areas for improvement in the design or manufacturing process.
  • Non-Destructive: CMM measurement is a non-destructive testing method, meaning that it does not damage or alter the part being measured, making it ideal for quality control and inspection applications.

Our Equipment

CRYSTA-Apex S 9168 (900X1600X800)

Quality and precision are quite important to us. We therefore have to regularly verify our measuring equipment. And prepare the laboratory with the most suitable environment for measurement.

We provide customer support with the CMM Measurement Service for customers who want to work faster and the customers who do not have the CMM, we can support the measurement with the quality results. 

27 March 2024

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