Reverse Modeling

Reverse Modeling

Our most popular service which be trusted by quality maker,
we are not only send the results but always quality and worked realization

Create 3D model from Optical and
Laser scan deviation dimension not
exceed 50-500 µm.
 Primitive shape
 CAD class A
 Non-uniform (NURBS surface)

Mass production / Prototyping part
 Re-production form exists product
  (old part, customer part, etc)

 Hand made part
 From maintenance die section
 Mockup / prototype model
 Spare part

Research & Development

 Optimized product shape
  (e.g. reduced material cost) 

 Optimized tooling (e.g. Jig fixture)
 Developed new product from old part
Product Analysis
 Competitor's product
 Mesh model for FEM Analysis
 Product properties
 Deformation analysis
Quality Control & Assurance
 Product Inspection by whole part and
  each dimensions


Quality is the first priority

Quality Checking

Thickness Checking

Fillet Checking

Draft Checking

Reflection Checking

Product Data Quality (PDQ) Checking

Reversed Model Comparison

24 September 2018

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