3D Scanning Service by CMM Laser Scan

3D Scanning Service by CMM Laser Scan

A laser probe is a type of probe used in Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) for high-precision measurement. It works by emitting a laser beam that is directed at the object being measured. The laser beam reflects off the object and is captured by a detector in the probe. The CMM's software analyzes the data captured by the detector to determine the position and orientation of the object's surface.

In 2013, we have introduced a non-contact measuring machine (camera type), And in 2018, with the new office building established and the new measuring room, our three-dimensional measuring instrument, laser type, has introduced Including measurement environments, we have responded to more advanced shape measurement for reverse, CAE etc. 

Our non-contact line laser probe which is high accuracy, high speed and high efficient measurements
Mitutoyo SurfaceMeasure 1010





Laser probes offer several advantages over traditional tactile probes used in CMMs. For example:

  • Non-Contact: Laser probes do not physically touch the object being measured, which eliminates the risk of surface damage, especially in delicate or soft materials.
  • High-Speed Scanning: Laser probes can quickly scan large surfaces, making them ideal for inspecting complex geometries and measuring parts with a lot of features.
  • High Accuracy: Laser probes can measure surface features with high precision and accuracy, making them suitable for applications where tight tolerances must be met.
  • Easy to Use: Laser probes are relatively easy to set up and use, and they do not require frequent calibration like traditional probes.


The use of laser probes with CMMs provides an efficient and accurate way to measure complex parts and geometries with high precision and accuracy.

All most 10 years in 3D scanning experience of our engineer, ready to give customer a quality results and a satisfactory delivery schedule





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03 October 2023

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