At Narimune Tech Engineering (Thailand), we are committed to achieving success through reasoned and efficient operations. To fulfill our objectives, we establish the following key principles:


1.Reasoned and Efficient Operations: We encourage all employees to think critically and perform their roles efficiently by making informed decisions and engaging in intelligent actions. We use resources judiciously to achieve maximum goals and deliver results in line with our objectives.

2.Maintaining Standards: Excelling in our service is crucial for maintaining competitiveness. We emphasize adherence to high-quality standards in every aspect of our operations to ensure customer satisfaction with our services.

3.Customer Expectations, Satisfaction, and Confidence: Customer satisfaction is paramount to our business. We are dedicated not only to meeting but also exceeding customer expectations by providing outstanding service, aiming to build long-lasting confidence.

4.Security and environmental conditions in the workplace: It is considered the foremost responsibility of every employee, including executives at all levels. Awareness of the importance of safety, risks, and potential dangers that may occur during work is crucial. This encompasses occupational health and the working environment for employees, customers, and contacts, aiming to ensure safety in the workplace. This involves providing sufficient safety equipment for the tasks at hand, as well as implementing preventive measures and management strategies.

5.Promoting Innovation and Learning: We foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning within our organization. Welcoming new ideas, modern technologies, and contemporary methods enables us to keep pace with rapid changes in the current business landscape. We promote a culture of continuous learning and creativity within our team to stay relevant in our industry.

6.Transforming from Service Providers to Value Creators: We are committed to not only serving customers for successful outcomes but also creating value by supporting projects with creative thinking to enhance opportunities for business expansion and cost reduction, extending to post-sales services.

These policies are integral to our distinctive, innovative, and sustainable commitment. We aspire to create a working environment that not only meets the challenges of the present but also builds a successful future for our company, providing lasting value to our customers.


15 February 2024

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