Company history

Company History


Narimune Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
was established at present
headquarter ground in Japan

Saitama factory was established
and operation beginning in 1969.

It changes to the company.
The capital had increased
from 3.5 million yen to 10 million
yen and changed
the name of

Fukushima factory was established
and operation

Started investigation for manufacturing 
industry in Bangkok, Thailand

Established "P S S T" company
in Bangkok, Thailand
(current NTET's predecessor)


Oversea subsidiary Narimune
Techno Engineering (Thailand)
“NTET” was established at
Muang Thai Phatra Building.

The 40th year of Narimune
company anniversary

Narimune Measuring Laboratory
was constructed at Saitama

Exhibited at
APEC Investment Mart 2003


Mainly launched the precision
sand mold casting

NTET and the Rajamangala University
of Technology Krungthep has joined
to establish "Project on three dimensional
measurement and its data utilization"


The 50th anniversary of the
foundation of Shozo factory in 2011,
celebrates the 10th anniversary
of NTET foundation.

Expansion of the Kawagoe plant,
The machining center (NVX 5100)


Introduction the 5-axis 3D measuring
machine at
Saitama Factory.

Construction of NTET's new office
building started in Bangkok and
completed at the end of the year

NTET moved to new office located
at Intramara 34, (Soi Ratchada 17)

On FEB, new measurement equipment installation, CMM machine and Laser
Scanning Probe. Collaboration between
Narimune and Mitutoyo.




28 April 2020

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