Laser scanning

Laser Scanning

Non-contact laser measurement

Narimune established the non-contact measurement system for the best evaluation of measurement. Because we have more than 4,500 measurement results taken several samples such as ascast, mould, soft materials, works of art, etc. and we have accumulated the know-how of non-contact laser measurement as the pioneer in this filed.

The measurement of the hollow structure can correspond by the collaboration with the CT scan technique. Narimune have established the technologies to digitalized the every objects directly due to macth advantage to both measurement method that one is non-contact measurement for visible region by high accuracy another is digital measurement of CT scan for hollow structure. It is a typical Narimune style to correspond directly without persisting current specific method. (We have a measurement result of plastic products)

Both Japanese and Thai standard machines were prepared and the accuracy assessment method of JIS-B 7440-8 was implemented! !

24 September 2018

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