Fabrication of jigs (including pressure inspection jigs) and cutting tools for machining manufacturers, machining tools are packed with know-how that is said to be out of the door.

Especially for the first-stage jig, since the first-stage machining is an important process affecting the centering and the accuracy of the product, we devise measures to suppress deformation at the time of clamping and accurate positioning at the coarse part, etc. The specification of the know-how is packed.

We believe that advances in machining tools contribute greatly to improving processing technology, and leaders with rich knowledge of machining are conducting the design and design of jigs.





The initial process is a very important process to determine the balance between casting and machining. No matter how precise the casting can be made, if the machining position of machining is shifted, it will be a bad product. For the second and subsequent processes, consider the process so that multiple processes can be performed with one installation. This is because it is necessary to produce many varieties at the same time with a limited number of machines.





24 September 2018

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