3D/2D Inspection

3D Inspection

Presently, 3D inspection is the most interesting and important in the field of measurement and quality control section.
Results display is easy to understand which is convenient to all related people



Checking the deformation of part when compare with the master data


Checking thickness of scanned data which unnecessary to cut
an actual part



Cross Section to check dimeter, dimension, etc. from the scanned data

2D Dimension measurement directly from the scanned data


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T)

Available for various work piece & material

Product Part, Prototype (Aluminum, Plastic, Iron, Ceramic, Wood, etc.), Mold, Insert, Core, CF, Jig, Accessories, other Tooling, etc

Sample of 3D Inspection Cases
  • Part vs 3D CAD
  • Part vs Part
  • Mold vs 3D CAD
  • JIG vs 3D CAD, JIG vs part etc.

The Advantage of 3D Inspection

  • To understand the problem and points to be solved explicitly
  • The result is clear and easily understood by all parties
  • Product guarantee for customer reference
  • Time and costs reduction

For checking deformation of product

  • Check Deviation of part
  • Check Thickness without cutting part
  • Check dimension or position of part
  • Check GD&T







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