White Light Camera

White Light Camera


3D Scanning by Breuckmann  White Light Camera

     SmartSCAN3D (5.0 Mega Pixel) High end digitization system for reliable measurement The SmartSCAN3D system not only deliver a   significantly higher level of data quality and resolution they also offer a much easierhandling- and all that at a very attractive price.




3D Measurement                                             

Inspection and QC

Tooling inspection

Nominal vs. actual comparison(CAD)

Process optimization and automation

3D Digitization                     

Reverse engineering

Rapid prototype

3D modeling and 3D printing

Documentation and archiving

On site Scanning is also available

It suits for very heavy and big size of the part needed to scan
such as 
Mold, Car body, Truck, etc.


We can support a various type of product and material such as:

Engine part (Aluminum)

Body part (Plastic)

Wheel (Aluminum)


Motorcycle part

Assembly part


Other such as: Mold & Die, Insert part, Core, Handmade part, Jig & Fixture, Electronic part, Etc.


Actual Part


2D/3D Inspection


24 September 2018

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